Mention "Sunny July" when making an online reservation for July, at in the notes, or at check-out, and at check-out get any room @ 20% off regular price or 20% off AAA rate. For example: Sagebrush Regular price $169, w/ discount $135. Piñon Regular price $153, w/discount $122. Tumbleweed and Chamisa Regular price $139, w/ discount $111. Juniper Regular price $129, w/discount $103. Buffaloberry Regular price $119, w/discount $87. AAA prices: Sagebrush $148, w/ discount, $118.00.
Located in Torrey Utah, SkyRidge Inn is a delightful alternative to motel lodging near Capitol Reef National Park (sometimes misspelled 'Capital Reef National Park'). The Inn is nationally recognized for its service, magnificent views and artfully decorated rooms. SkyRidge has been featured in National Geographic Traveler.
Kimball and Irene Langton, Innkeepers
SkyRidge Inn P.O. Box 750220
Torrey, Utah 84775

Phone for SkyRidge Inn 435-425-3222
Irene Langton 435-491-0811
Kim Langton 435-491-0810
We accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa.